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            Red-Blue 3d glasses are
   required for best viewing.

Are 3d pictures causing
Global Warming???

Help! My Planet is Melting!

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We can convert your 2d photograph to a 3d picture! 
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 Posters available   Visit the gallery/store

 Visit the gallery and see our large collection of 3d mosaic posters available, featuring:
  • FramoGrams - 3d pictures that stand up when viewed on an angle.
  • Regular mosaics - pictures made from many of smaller pictures.
  • 3dMosaics (tm) - true 3d mosaics like the NASA picture on this screen.

    FramoGrams and 3dMosaics require red/blue 3d glasses for best viewing.

Our 3d photo mosaic posters are made from thousands of small images using some very special techniques to make the pictures come alive.

There are many 3d mosaic posters to choose from and our selection is growing fast.

We also make custom plain mosaic posters and 3d posters in any size, using your pictures.

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