3dMosaics (TM) Posters - Insects

A0001 - "Grasshopper"

A leaf-eating bug.

8"x10"   $10.00  

A0002 - "Tarantula"

Hairy and scary, but really quite friendly and fairly harmless.

8"x10"   $10.00  
A0003 - "Mosquito"

A blood stealing bug.

8"x10"   $10.00  
A0004 - "Scorpion"

Nature's glow-in-the dark insect.

8"x10"   $10.00  

What are FramoGrams?

3D images that magically rise when viewed with regular red/blue glasses. As you move in all directions, the scene moves with you.

How to view FramoGrams

Use the red/blue glasses included, red on the left. Place the FramoGram on a flat surface and look down on the picture about as shown. Move slowly left, right, up and down to find the best viewing angle. The picture will seem to pop up from the surface.

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Each picture includes a protective backing and a pair of 3d glasses
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